Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long Time No Post!

Some might think we have abandoned our blog... Nope. We're still here. Busy, but here.
Here's the re-cap of what's been going on around here...

Nell's parents got married in September. Nell had her pictures made... very pretty Nell. (Pictures by Medina Photography)
While the parental unit went on their honeymoon, Nell attended camp at Auntie Mary's House. She made friends, but prefers to be an only child.

Jasper came into rescue in early October. He was a stray and lived on the streets. He some how lost his eye, so we almost called him "One eyed Jack"... but we kept Jasper's name. He went to a LOVELY couple in Maryland. When the new owners came to pick up Jasper, he was scooped up off the ground and his paws never touched the floor after that. You know he's being spoiled!

Right after Jasper left, Bandit came to stay with us for a weekend. He is a former BT Rescue alumni. Very shy and independent guy.

After Bandit left, Frankie came into rescue... He was a BIG boy! He would make an awesome agility runner!
And after Frankie got adopted to a VERY nice couple up in Maryland, Nell got a new sweater handmade by her mommie. Doesn't she look great?

And now, we're getting ready for Christmas...

Where did 2008 go?
Nell and I hope everyone had a wonderful 2008 and looking forward to more adventure in 2009!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yes, we're still around...

Psssttt... Hey, it's me... Nell. Mom's been too lazy to update this site. I swear... Do I have to do everything? It's been a hectic few months in our lives. Mom and dad's getting married in 11 days... mom keeps sending me to camp because she and soon to be dad has to go out of town... Riley, foster dog is finally out of my life... but I fear she will be sending me to camp again. *sigh* I do like camp tho... I get to beat up my previous foster minion Oscar. He was the one that was found in Maryland's landfill. Oscar's my bud.

My lovely auntie got me this... How crazy do I look? Why do people think we have to be dressed up? We have fur... we like to be na-ked...

Auntie... just wait until the baby arrives. Mommy's going to send you some awesome costumes for your baby. hehehe

Friday, July 11, 2008

Whale Watching & Lobster Bake

Early Saturday morning, we headed out for the whale watching tour. It was cloudy and cold. But we weathered the cold and bundled up.

Here's the light house we saw on the way to the whale park.
Birds that got really close to our boat.
I have videos of the whales... but I can't figure out how to get it on here.... We saw several whales coming up for air. It was amazing!

Coming back into Bar Harbor...
Margaret Todd... I wanted to go on this for sunset cruise... but we couldn't fit it into our schedule.
After the whale watching tour, we grabbed lunch at Rupununi Restaurant. SO had lobster roll and I had the crab quesadillas. Very good lunch. After we walked around Bar Harbor and shopped, we returned to the hotel to let Nell enjoy some fresh air.
Nell contemplating life.

Nell not enjoying the walk on the pier

Then came time for the lobster bake. Not only did we have lobster, we enjoyed some mussels. OMG... I'd go back in a heart beat!

Freshly steamed!
After the lobster bake, we all decided to go back to Jack Russell's for after dinner drinks.

Here's Butch. Butch's owner has a new book coming out soon.It's called My Buddy Butch.
Here's my favorite BT from the Woofboard. Seamus... look at the pouty lip!!!!

Woof!Fest 2008 Friday night dinner with the pups

We all got together for the first gathering. Dinner at Jack Russell's. Their food was DELISH! I had their filet and SO had the crab cakes. I tried SO's crab cakes... OMG! They were out of this world! Nell managed to snarl at almost all the dogs, but hey, she didn't bite.

Here's beefy! You can see the brindle Memmy in the back!

Here's Pepito... the emperor!

Here's Nell, dressed in her Tar Heel sweater. It was little nippy out!

And Nell... contemplating...
I wish I had more pics of the gatherings, but we were having way too much laughing and eating.

Woof!Fest 2008

Nell, SO, and I headed up to Bar Harbor, ME for the Woof!Fest 2008 (gathering of Boston Terrier lovers) for the weekend. It was awesome to meet other boston terrier owners. I know... some of you will think I'm crazy for taking a trip up to Maine to meet people from the web, but when else can I enjoy lobster bake and whale watching? When opportunities knock, I go.

To save some money, we flew into Portland, ME instead of Bangore, ME. Once we landed, I made my SO take me to the Portland Lobster Co. for lunch. Mmmm... lobster roll.

Nell was stuck under the table.... poor girl. What am I? A second class citizen?

The view from the restaurant deck... Nice, calm and quiet.
Nell's still mad at me for not sharing my lober roll.

To make it up to Nell, we walked into Fetch, an awesome pet store to get Nell a little treat.

Look what she got from Fetch... her own lobster!So after lunch, we drove to Ba-Haa-Baa... 3 1/2 hours later, we're finally checked into the hotel!
Nell claims the bed...
View from our "panoramic ocean view" room...

Our own beach...
View from our deck

Nell enjoying her loot... the official Woof!Fest gift bag!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Annual Maryland BT Specialty

We had a great turn out at our 2008 Boston Terrier Club of Maryland's Black-Eyed Susan Specialty. Over 80 dogs were entered, and we even met some people from the famous Woofboard! The weather was wonderful! Our rescue table made some money from our merchandise table. Thanks for everyone who attended... and for those of you who didn't... we hope you make it next year!

Here are some pics:

Here's Nell telling me to turn the air conditioner on in the car.
One of the MD club member's dog Meizzie the Entertainer.

Club member, Ivy Rose getting ready to wow the crowd.

Our Woofboard friend, Frank the Tank.

MD club member's puppies... Soooo adorable!!!!

Woofer's Turner and Duncan. So handsome!

Woofer's Della and Dreamy. Sooo pretty!

The Ag Center was also holding the Alpaca show, so I had to go take a look. By the way, they do not spit!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nell and Jack -----> Twins?

I spend my day browsing Woofboard and low and behold, I noticed a dog that looked exactly like Nell (down to her left front white paw)... I thought maybe I had posted her pictures long time ago and I just forgot about it. But when I looked at the user id and post date, it was posted that day. It turns out, pictured boston's name is Jack. Jack and Nell comes from Maryland, but Jack is few years younger. There MAY be a possibility that they are related... but I do not have all the information about Nell, but I do have her breeder's name, so when I can get my act together, I'd like to get in contact with him. So you tell me... do they look like twins?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Where has Nell been?

Nell's been chillin on the couch... as usual. It's been busy couple of months... planning the wedding, selling my condo, trying to buying a townhouse, dealing with bank owned properties... you know... life just keeps getting in the way. :-) Anyway, it's almost spring in the DC area. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Nell has been looking forward to sun bathing.

Who's over there?

Do you love me?

I see something I want to roll in...

Our cherry blossom tree in our neighborhood


Mom, where's my cookie?

My favorite tree... I can't believe the leaves are already coming in!

Thanks for lookin'!